Summer – Fall 2012

November 2012

Saturday 24 November, 15:30

Live performance of ”Panorama” at Beton 7, Athens, Greece as part of Electric Nights, 3 days of electronic arts.

October 2012

”Rainforest”, part one of ”Dreamscape” was selected to participate in the Prize Phonologia 2012-2013 for electronic music, at San Fedele Musica in Milan.


Performance of the short electroacoustic piece “Elle Loge La Folie” at  Sound Art Festival Berlin 2012 as part of the 60×60 (2012) Voice Mix project. “Elle Loge La Folie” is a short electroacoustic piece after Roberto Matta’s painting with the same title. My intention was to use as many different sources as possible in a very limited duration without losing the individuality of each source. Mixing and editing of the various sounds aims to create a kind of surrealistic “biomorphism” of sound objects and dissolve boundaries between artificial, natural and biological forms in a similar way that Matta’s painting does with visual objects.


September 2012

Live performance of Panorama at ICMC 2012, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

July 2012

Presentation of Electric Serpent, for piano and electronics at world soundscape conference at Dieburg, Germany.

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