Electroacoustic poem in two parts

Part 1: Rainforest

Part 2: Black Moon

Dreamscape is an electroacoustic piece in two parts. Each part should be perceived as a sign expressing a symbolic content. Their combination forms a kind of “musical hieroglyph”, with a meaning that transcends their individual content. It is also the first piece of a trilogy of pieces dealing with the general theme of love through a metamodern reappraisal of romantic and baroque poetics.

Rainforest in constructed through montage between a large amount of different and disparate sounds. Sounds coming from tropical rainforests are mixed together with instrumental, synthesized, vocal, orchestral sounds and many others. The piece is to a certain extent influenced by Sergei Eisenstein’s film montage theories. The various sounds are approached as sound images or “sound shots”, similar to film shots. Fast montage between large amount of different sound layers aims to dissipate common perceptional habits, by overloading the information gathering mind, and create a surrealistic soundscape, which is to be experienced physically and emotionally rather than intellectually.

The second part is Black Moon and is a long and slow remix of Wagner’s Prelude to Tristan and Isolde. The repetitive montage aims to “zoom into” the dramatic and emotional content of the climax of Wagner’s iconic piece. The montage, in that case, aims to enhance as a kind of huge resonant body, the symbolic content of the piece. Wagner’s piece becomes an abstract ”musical archetype”, residing outside history and evoked through memory or dream. The title refers to the film Black Moon (1975) by Louis Malle.

The piece should be projected through 6 loudspeakers or more in a medium venue (two loudspeakers may also be used in very small spaces). Half of the loudspeakers should be at the right and half at the left of the audience so that a clear stereo image should be retained throughout the piece for the whole audience. Rainforest can be diffused live.



New Maps of Hyperspace




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