Panorama is series of multi-layered electronic pieces written in the period 2008-2010 and connected by a common theme of movement through  imaginary and alien spaces. A sound representation of outer space and alien worlds is the main theme of the series. Some of the general issues that are dealing with are: improvisation and structure, physicality of sound material, parametric movement in different sound domains and creation of an orchestral electronic sound. The pieces are composed by a series of sound layers the material of which ranges from sounds from outer space to old analog synthesizer sounds. An “orchestration” of the different sound layers creates a new compound layer which continually oscillates between the familiar and the alien.

Panorama is an open work. Sound layers extracted from the pieces may be re-arranged while new improvised material may be added and thus new mixes may be formed. Two live mixes of Panorama are available (studio edits). They have been performed at various locations, including ICMC 2012 and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2010.


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